What Is This All About?

Since 1975, I have pursued a course for my life that few people would ever consider. This path led not to riches, yet it has allowed me to see the world in ways that few people ever do. It is not a path that I would recommend to others, but most people would gain from adapting at least some of what I have learned to their own life trajectory. So my accumulated knowledge provides a certain amount of power.

However, what I am talking about is something that should be obvious to everyone: movement is life and life is movement. By that I mean the ability to physically move as we wish should be a cherished freedom and something to be preserved at all costs. Consider a person in a coma. That person is certainly alive, yet not truly living as they would no doubt prefer. For those confined to a wheelchair, freedom of movement is severely restricted.

The vast majority of us do not have such limitations forced on us. Unfortunately, too many of us structure our lives in ways that voluntarily restrict our movements. Modern life has eliminated much of the drudge work required to pursue our lifestyles. And by taking advantage of every convenience, we reduce our movement and exercise. When combined with the ready availability of high-calorie foods, weight gain inevitably follows as we age. The end result for many is a growing INABILITY to move as our bodies were intended. Modern communications allows us to experience the world from our couches. Soon, virtual reality will allow us to see the world in more dimensions, perhaps eliminating even the desire to travel to other places.

And so I issue a call to action.

Certainly, you should take advantage of all the conveniences of modern life. However, the imperative is that you MUST make time for real physical activity. I discovered long ago the liberation that comes from a commitment to a running or walking program that can be pursued on an individual basis with very little equipment. If that does not interest you, then find a sport that keeps you active and stick to it for the long term.

This blog will hopefully provide you with encouragement to become and stay active. I will mainly write of things related to running and walking, with occasional side trips into the past to illustrate hard-won lessons. 115,000 miles on my feet, in all kinds of environments, in races with thousands of others, or simply on my own, has taught me some things. And my goal is to share anything I think might give you the inspiration to keep moving.

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